Yoga Garden is my personal style of teaching yoga.  It is a unique blend of living a gentle, self-affirming lifestyle through daily yoga, Reiki healing and hula hooping.  With these three forms of energy movement, you are able to create a greater balance and bring more serenity into your life.

Yellow Flower

“Live as if you are to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Yoga isn’t meant to wait until you are the perfect weight or in the perfect situation or with the perfect amount of money saved.  Yoga will help you to appreciate and love your life in the moment.  I focus on helping you to accept yourself  as you are RIGHT NOW.

Perfection is not a practical or reasonable goal and it is so important only to do your best in each moment, with the right intention.  At Yoga Garden, I remind my students to forgive and love themselves, as well as to be tolerant and compassionate of others at their stage of life, in order to grow and have a peaceful, positive yoga experience.

The classes are set up (approximately) in this way:

  • 10 minutes of deep breathing, centering, grounding and seated meditation
  • 20 minutes of balance and standing strength yoga postures
  • 20 minutes of flexibility and seated poses
  • 10 minutes of savasana/guided relaxation

The combination of breath with relaxation, yoga postures for bringing greater flexibility and strength…and ending with a healing meditation…brings a powerful sense of spirit and energy into our lives.

My intent is to offer these classes with a sense of compassion, inspiration and joy,  without the sense of intimidation that most people feel when entering a new yoga class.  Here, there is no competition, no judgement, no pressure…only expanding your body’s physical practice and your mind’s awareness.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself”  - Thich Nhat Hanh



Yoga Mat

My Spring Savasana Socks design


Yoga Classes:

  • Private, 60 minute class $65
  • Gentle (or Invigorating) 60 minute class $55 for 4 weeks


Recommended Books:

  1. Yoga:  Mastering the Basics by Sandra Anderson and Rolf Sovik
  2. Yoga Body, Buddha Mind by Cyndi Lee
  3. Mudras:  Yoga for Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi
  4. Yoga for Depression:  A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga by Amy Weintraub
  5. Guiding Yoga’s Light:  Yoga Lessons for Yoga Teachers by Nancy Gerstein
  6. Yoga RX by Larry Payne and Richard Usatine
  7. Every Woman’s Yoga by Jamie Stover Schmitt
  8. Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby:  A Yoga Workout for New Moms by Jyothi Larson
  9. How to Draw Yoga Stick Figures by Mikelle Terson
  10. Yoga on the Go:  Exercises and Wisdom for Every Day by Ursula Karven
  11. Outrageous Openness:  Letting the Divine Take the Lead by Tosha Silver
  12. Yoga Poems:  Lines to Unfold By by Leza Lowitz
  13. Luna Yoga:  Vital Fertility and Sexuality by Adelheid Ohlig
  14. Om Yoga Today by Cyndi Lee
  15. Om Yoga at Home by Cyndi Lee
  16. Om Yoga:  A Guide to Daily Practice by Cyndi Lee
  17. The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark and Sarah Powers



“I had never tried yoga before taking classes with  Gina. She brought us through a beginner’s routine with a wide variety of poses which were great stretches and very relaxing, but not too hard. She warned us when moving on to a couple of poses that
required more flexibility and gave us easier alternatives to try. I found it so relaxing that I would momentarily drift off to sleep during the final relaxation phase. I always looked forward to the next class.” 
Scott J.

“I just moved to Kingston, New Hampshire in June and I thought that I needed to do something different so I joined the Gentle Yoga Class with Gina House through the Sanborn Regional School District. I just loved the class. Gina was so wonderful, I met a lot of nice people and I felt great after each class. I am looking forward to the next class as it was truly wonderful!” Lorraine D.

“I enjoyed the classes and found Gina to be a wonderful, patient teacher of Yoga. The soft music and her soft voice and energy made it very relaxing. I have fibromyalgia and I find the stretches and poses I learned at the class have helped me a great deal. I have also had the pleasure of working with Gina with Reiki, as a student of mine and as a group Reiki partner. Her insights and energy are always welcomed.” Judy H., Reiki Master 

“Gina is the sweetest most lovable yoga instructor I have ever met. And she gave me free lessons, which was extremely generous and cool.” Scott J.