I am very happy to share my two Sleepy Eyes Knits books with you.  Both were a labour of love (and a number of years to complete) and I hope you’ll enjoy knitting the patterns from them as much as I enjoyed creating them.  Photographs taken by yours truly.  (Most of the models in my books are knitting friends, which I think is pretty awesome.)  


Dreamscape Book

Dreamscape Book ($7 PDF, $13.95 Spiralbound)



This 5″ x 8″, 60 page, spiral bound book is a collection of 13 of my very first original designs (both old and new) with full color photographs and a vintage appearance. A number of easy to read charts are also included for the lace patterns. 

Patterns/Designs included: The 52 Scarf, The Amanda Hat, The Armando Hat, Lisha Lace Scarf, Lena Hat, Soleil Shoulder Wrap, Sweet Leaf Hat, Persephone Beret, Immortal Stole, Chimera Flower, Roman Princess Scarf, Eve Mitts and Spellbound Choker.


Wonderlace Book ($10 PDF, $24.95 Hardcover)

Wonderlace Book ($10 PDF, $24.95 Hardcover)



This 10″ x 8″, 80 page, hardcover book is a collection of 13 fairy tale inspired lace knitting designs with a vintage photo album theme. The book includes gorgeous, full color photographs, easy to read charts and instructions, as well as difficulty levels ranging from beginner to challenging.

Patterns/Designs included: Poison Apple Beret, Loralee Cowl, Beauty Shawl, Queen’s Mirror Shawl, Water Nymph Washcloths, Violet’s Garden Socks, Megaera Mitts, Veronica Earrings, Hunter Scarf, La Bete Pillows, Dreams of Alice Shawlette, Le Chat Noir Tarot Bag and Taylor Cowl


Testimonials about Wonderlace:

“Great knitting patterns and photos.  All of the patterns are well-written and accompanied by such lovely photos.  The pages are glossy and high quality.  I loved looking through the pages even before I settled on a pattern to start.  I think this is a nice addition to anyone’s knitting book library.” – Jackie W.

“Brilliantly done in every aspect.  I thought this book was beautifully written and well thought out.  I am not a knitter, but this book would inspire me to start.  Well worth the money.” – Karen

“Original Designs!  Wonderlace is a great addition to any knitting library.  The patterns are well written.  I have already made and gifted items to family members that are hard to shop for.  Definitely recommend this book!” – Kerry P.

“Awesome!  Sleepy Eyes Knit Wonderlace is a great book.  It’s perfect for beginner lace knitters, as well as the more experienced – something for everyone in this book.  The photographs are not only beautiful, but are great for showing the patterning.  I highly recommend this book!” – Julie E.

“A book for every knitter’s library.  Wonderlace deserves the five star rating for not only the beautiful patterns, but also for the elegant presentation.  The book contains charts that are well complemented by written instructions, targeting readers that are new to lace patterns.  Each pattern is represented by a professionally captured photograph, providing the reader with a remarkably artistic reference.  The only way I think this book could possibly be improved is by containing more patterns!  Excellent work all around!” – Melissa

“I love this.  I love lacework and this is perfect.  It has patterns for all skill levels with clear instructions.  I particularly like how the patterns are set out with written and graph instructions.  The graphs are large enough for these old eyes to see clearly and standard enough that I don’t need to pay attention to the ‘key chart’.  A couple of keys are a little difficult for me to read, but the written instructions easily take care of that issue.  Oh, did I tell you that the text has a great font size that is clear and can be seen from a distance – even for this old knitter.  Enjoy!  For me, it was an awesome buy.” – Denise M.

“Gina House is a talented designer (her famous Amanda Hat lists almost 3000 projects on Ravelry).  Her second collection includes a Baker’s Dozen of lovely lace patterns for all levels of lace knitting experience.  Each includes written AND charted instructions, and several yarn options to suit a range of preferences and budgets.  I love the larger-than-average charts and that it is available in both hardcover and eBook formats.  The beautiful photography shows well in both.  Now, which project to start first…” – Peta N. R.